Workplace Safety

Safe Working Environment

The learning outcome which I am currently doing requires me to write a blogpost about a hypothetical future, where in 10 years from now, I am running my own company. I get to choose what type of company I’m running and where it’s based, so I decided that my company genetically creates exact copies of people but with the modification of not being fully sentient. These clones are to be used as slaves, which is why we do not allow them full sentience as that would be morally wrong by nearly all standards, but creating a being that doesn’t have a consciousness, emotions or the ability to think for itself is morally debatable. This company is located in Toronto, Canada.


Some things that I have to do as manager to ensure the safety of my employees and possibly the world are;

  • To make sure the¬†lobotomising station is always manned as to not create an incident of sentience, the last time that happened over 32 employees of mine died.
  • To make sure that there are wet floor signs on the floor when it’s wet.
  • To properly dispose of any biologic byproducts of the cloning process that could potentially be dangerous for humans.
  • To properly dispose of any chemical agents that have been used in the cloning process.
  • To make sure that their are no uninsulated or loose wiring around any working stations.
  • To make sure that the fire and gas alarms are functioning and will alert us in the event of an emergency.
  • To make sure that the safety equipment is either sterilised or disposed of.
  • To ensure that my employees are wearing proper safety gear when doing particular tasks.
  • To give proper training to new employees and retraining to any employee who may need it.
  • To make sure that the equipment being used is completely operational.
  • To make sure that all extremely hazardous or dangerous work is done by a clone slave rather than an actual person.


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