Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety – PPE

  • Head Protection


Used To Protect your head when cycling, to avoid head injury in the event of a crash.

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  • Ear Protection


Used to protect your ears from hearing damage due to loud noises.

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  • Foot Protection


Used to protect feet from harm such as glass or shock.

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  • Weather Proof Clothing


Used to protect you from wind and rain.

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  • Safety Harness


Used to avoid accidents from falling, by helping you stay suspended.

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  • Eye/Face Protection


Used to keep Sparks and shrapnel away from the face to avoid damage or injury.

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  • Respiratory Protection


Used to keep harmful toxins and chemicals that could potentially poison you away from your lungs.

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  • Body/Hand/Arm Protection


Used to protect your body/ hand and arms, from fire or acid or other possible hazards.

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  • Reflective Clothing

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Used to alert drivers at night that you are where you are, so you don’t get in an accident.

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  • Safety Ropes

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Used to keep people safely suspended in the air to do tasks like engineering or window cleaning.

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