Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness: Learning Outcome 1

In this learning outcome I learned about communication, assertiveness and time management. These three skills are all elements of personal effectiveness and are designed to help you in your day to day life.

For most people communicating with other people comes naturally/instinctually. However even the most naturally charismatic people could use some pointers on communication in everyday life, such as making sure to keep a good posture and keep an open body language during formal and/or business scenarios. During informal scenarios it would be preferable if your body language was more relaxed and natural.

Assertiveness is a very useful/important soft skill to master. Assertiveness is the art of standing up for what you believe in, giving your opinion and not being afraid to question things, all while being firm yet fair. This is important in your daily life, as it helps you get what you want and/or need.

The last thing I learned about was time management, this is probably the most important soft skill mentioned, as it’s the one used the most often. From setting your alarm to the time you need to get up, to figuring out what time you need to leave your house to get to work or school on time, to figuring out what time you need to go to bed to get a good nights rest.


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