Personal Effectiveness

Learning Styles

  • I am a visual learner.


In class we were each given a test to help determine each of our learning styles( The three styles being Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic), and according to that test my learning style is visual. This means that I learn through visual means, this means that I would generally learn better through seeing and observing things rather than by listening, touching or holding. This means that the optimal way for me to learn would be by sketching out what I’m learning or by seeing somebody else demonstrate what it is I am trying to learn. The best way to teach me would be by showing me diagrams or letting me draw out my own or by showing me an instructional video or film.


  • Areas in learning that I am good at.


The areas in learning that I am generally good at would be Literacy, Digital Skills and Creativity. In terms of literacy, I would find it fair to say that I am quite literate, I read fairly often, I write nearly everyday and I would say that I am a fast enough reader. I would also say that my digital skills are up to par. I have a good understanding on how to use the adobe creative suite, which includes, adobe premiere pro, adobe flash, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, etc… I would also say I’m a fairly creative person, I draw on a daily basis, I occasionally create animations, I like to shoot and edit videos and write short stories.

  • Areas In learning that I need to improve upon.


The areas In learning that I think I need to Improve upon are my concentration, teamwork and numeracy skills. I don’t have great concentration and have a very large tendency to procrastinate in areas to which I am not Interested, this slows me down and is definitely an area to which I need to improve upon. I also don’t have great teamwork skills, I don’t like handing over work to others because I don’t like losing control, I also have a bit of a tendency to get angry at other members of a team for things I do myself, like procrastinating, this is something that could really hold me back in life and is something that I will have to fix soon. I could also improve on my numeracy skills, I don’t have a great understanding of algebra and have basically forgotten all the maths I have leaned in school.



Visual Learning

Things I’m good at

Areas to Improve


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